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Introducing the Cambodian waterpolo team as they make their debut at the 2023 SEA Games after a mere 8 months of training. 

Waterpolo is still a relatively unknown sport in Cambodia but as the hosts of the 2023 SEA Games they were required to send a team in. The team comprises ex swimmers, enthusiasts and driven athletes hungry for a chance to represent their country. 

Watch their story as they journey through arduous times, battling the lack of training and all the curveballs that came their way and their unyielding tenacity and earnest smiles.




13 mins


Ong Chee Choon


Alisa Yeo

DP + Editor:

Elisa Lioe




As a team of 3 we had a 7 days in Cambodia to shoot and put together a documentary with the theme of "Sport and culture"

Everything had fallen so nicely into place and we were granted access to this UNESCO heritage site where the players trained, slept and ate. 

We were welcomed with open arms and from the get go had been a story of people with such a zest for life and passion that had to be told. 

The challenge had been to capture visuals in a compelling way with equipment that is not typically meant for the water. This resulted in us sourcing for make shift tripods, weights and even climbing to the highest diving board, strapping our cameras and lying on a cine saddle to get the top down shot.

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