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in the rearview mirror: Lim Cheng Teck

A video meant to accompany a feature article on taxi van driver, Mr. Lim Cheng Teck, who has been driving the streets of his home, Pulau Ubin, for more than half of his life.

Known online as the man who tames the wild boars, this special taxi driver shares what it was like growing up in a part of Singapore that remains wild and unfamiliar to many these days. 

Pulau Ubin has seen many plans of redevelopment fall through and today it still stands as a place that many visit for leisure.

This place was once home to a community which has dwindled to fewer than 20 who live on the island.

Although Mr Lim no longer lives on the island, he recounts fond memories, sharing the joy of his home to every visitor and patron he meets. 

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4:06 mins


Eric Teo,

Wayne Lim


Alisa Yeo


Alisa Yeo,

Wayne Lim,

Eric Teo



Christine Priniya Chan



Lim Cheng Teck  

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